Ote Center Building 19F

Tokyo, 100-0004 , Japan

Ote Center Building 19F

Tokyo, 100-0004 , Japan

What We Do

About Washington Capital Group Brokerage Services

At Washington Capital Group, our guiding principles are dedicated to the financial well-being of our clients. We manage millions in assets for clients. We embrace the operational and control infrastructure of an institutional asset manager whilst still offering  a concierge level of service for all our clients seeking the returns of a boutique.

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Low fees

We are committed to keeping our fees low to ensure more of your money is working hard for you. Our mutual fund expenses are less than half the industry average, and our trading fees ensure your brokerage costs stay competitive.

Sound advice

We are committed to helping you achieve financial well-being over the long term, so we are not trying to sell you the latest ‘hot’ investment.

Individual Investing With Washington Capital Group Brokerage Services

If you’re comfortable researching and selecting your own investments, our very own professionals are available to act as a sounding board to help you make decisions.

Investment expertise

We have a variety of investment products with impressive track records over the long term. We can build and manage a comprehensive strategy for your unique needs and goals, however, if you prefer to manage your own portfolio, you can count on our guidance and support.

Find a comprehensive solution for your specific needs

Whether you choose to manage your account by yourself, need a little guidance, or prefer an advisor relationship, you can manage your retirement account and individual investments in one place.

Guided Investing With Washington Capital Group Brokerage Services

Whether you want a little guidance, or assurance that you’re on the right track, a Washington Capital Group Brokerage Specialist is here to help.

Want a little assistance?

We can help you find stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETF) and other investments to consider, or teach you how to find investments on your own.

Not sure where to begin?

It’s okay if you have little or no experience investing. We give you all the help you need and will talk you through all the steps to get started right over the phone.

Need a little more help?

Let one of our Brokerage Specialists answer your questions and give you a few pointers. We can also assist you in selecting mutual funds from the Washington Capital Group Insight List that align with your investment objectives, risk tolerance and overall financial picture.

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